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Upbound, founded in 2017 and funded by GV, is intent on disrupting the current cloud market by being the first open cloud provider. It has invested in open source projects (Crossplane & Rook) that make it simple to author, deploy and life-cycle manage cloud-native applications in any cluster or cloud.

Upbound takes the declarative Kubernetes API and extends it to abstracting managed services (SaaS offerings) from any cloud. Applications need not only business logic, but services like databases, message queues, big data frameworks etc. Today, a developer has to code for a specific vendor-set of SaaS offerings, which then locks that application to that cloud - and has to use unique tools to do so, diluting their expertise.

By abstracting managed services, developers focus on business logic, and IT can separately manage how and where applications & workloads are deployed based on their own concerns - without having to spend valuable resources authoring for each cloud.

Upbound’s projects are open-source. The next wave of cloud computing requires, we believe, an open ecosystem where best-of-breed technology can thrive and businesses don’t have to make vendor-related trade-offs. This encourages increased competition from the open-source based SaaS offerings, which in turn will lead to better SaaS offerings from the major cloud providers. A healthy, open ecosystem will accelerate cloud migration, which is in turn good for the public cloud providers who provide the infrastructure.

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