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Storj Labs Inc.

At Storj Labs we’re creating tools to help lay the groundwork for the future of the internet. The Storj Network is a decentralized, distributed network made up of individual nodes, created and run by people passionate about open source. The Storj network powers our Tardigrade platform, which is the world's first SLA-backed decentralized cloud object storage network. Tardigrade’s S3 compatible gateway encrypts each file client-side and breaks it into pieces before distribution across our network of highly performant nodes. The Storj Labs Open Source Partner Program helps open source companies generate revenue every time their users store data on the Tardigrade platform, through a revenue sharing model. Our decentralized architecture offers improved out-of-the box security and privacy to our clients. It also enables better performance, is more affordable, and is more reliable when compared to traditional cloud storage options.

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