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Founded in 2000, LINAGORA is now considered one of the European champions in Open Source Software.

With decades of experience in open source, its software and services provide the best alternative to the vendor locked-in proprietary alternatives. Open Source is not a “low cost” model but the “best cost” model.

In addition to its own various solutions and services, LINAGORA also works on more than 400 OpenSource software projects and helps its customers and partners to develop their technological independence, protecting their data and making them the full owner of their information systems.

Present throughout France, LINAGORA has offices in Canada, Vietnam, Tunisia and Russia, sells its software all over the world, and primarily targets emerging countries.

LINAGORA is part of the BPI (Banque Publique d’Inevestissement) Excellence network, the BPI Accelerator and also proud to be part of French Tech in France, Africa, Canada, Vietnam.

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