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Jiten Vaidya

Co-Founder & CEO
Jiten Vaidya is the co-founder and CEO at PlanetScale. PlanetScale is based in Mountain View, CA and recently raised a $22M series A funding round from Andreessen Horowitz. PlanetScale is building a massively scalable multi-cloud transactional database-as-a-service based on vitess.io - an open source sharding middleware system that runs very large OLTP workloads at companies such as Youtube, Slack and Square. Prior to starting PlanetScale, Jiten held various backend and infrastructure roles at US Digital Service, Dropbox, Youtube and Google. But Fun fact: he has also written an Android app that saw over 100,000 downloads at a small start-up. At Youtube, he managed the teams that operated Youtube’s MySQL databases at massive scale using vitess.io.

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