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Herb Cunitz

Engineer by education and sales/marketing executive by career. Experienced in growing and managing all go-to-market operations for emerging software companies: sales, marketing, services, channels, business development and operations. Grew field operations for multiple, private, VC funded technology companies - growing in many cases from little revenue and few employees to $250M and more in billings. Experienced in working with the boards of venture capital backed companies with three companies going public - Hortonworks, Vitria and Viasoft, and two companies being acquired - SpringSource and Savvion. Experienced in managing all aspects of worldwide field operations for open source companies, including direct sales, presales, indirect channels, alliances, sales operations, marketing, training and professional services. Experienced in mergers and acquisitions for being both the acquirer and the acquiree. Served as an independent on multiple boards of directors. Owner of AccelG2M, an advisory consulting firm working with CEO's of young technology companies on accelerating their growth, raising funds or strategic M&A.

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